Power Baseball League: Marketing Lists

Back with another week of Power Baseball League! Last time we dove into detail on creating and using E-mail Templates. Today we take the next logical step and start to configure our Marketing Lists. We also talk about Quick Campaigns and how they might be useful.

Getting Started

To be able to use Quick Campaigns and Marketing lists you do need to enable the Dynamics 365 Sales app. This can be done within your environment settings. However, this does require you to have enabled your environment for Dynamics 365 Apps when you create it.

Here are a few docs to review:

Marketing Features

We tackle two topics today; Quick Campaigns and Marketing lists. Quick Campaigns allow you to create Activities for a group of records. This could be Phone Calls for the owners to complete, sending a template email, sending an ad hoc email and more.

Marketing lists let you define a set of records that you can market to later. These can be done in a couple of different ways – dynamic (where list members are generated based on a query and pulled at the time of use), or static, meaning the list must be manually curated by adding and removing members ‘by hand’.

Check out the video to see the step-by-step creation of quick campaigns and marketing lists. We will also talk about the difference between Static and Dynamic Marketing Lists noted above. Plus a few tips, tricks and lessons learned thrown in there too!

Marketing Lists, Quick Campaigns, and more!

Have you been using these tools? How can this benefit your organization?

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