Power Baseball League: Security

Ah, the wonderful world of system security! While this topic may make some people run for the hills, it’s critical that anyone implementing or managing any kind of system gives thought to the security model being used.

Dataverse security can be overwhelming. The security role matrix is filled with dots for nearly every system component you can think of. Those dots are used to control the level of access across various types of actions such as create, read, update, delete, (commonly referred to as “CRUD”), among others.

Join Kylie and I as we talk through our approach to security role creation for our Power Baseball League system. We also share some tips and considerations you’ll want to make as you dive into the matrix for yourself.

Kylie and Malcolm discuss Security tips and tricks!

Additionally, Kylie dug up a number of resources she’s produced over the years for additional information, which we’ve linked below and on the video description.

Power Platform 24 Security Overview: https://365.training/Courses/Enroll/Power24-10-2020/64defc7a-5df8-ea11-a815-000d3a3479c5

Collab365 Security Concepts for Dynamics 365 and Dataverse: https://events.collab365.com/c365_sessionroom/gc5-d365-security-concepts-for-dataverse/

Overview of CDS Security: https://link.kyliekiser.com/Overview

Overview of CDS Security: https://link.kyliekiser.com/Overview

Security Concepts: https://link.kyliekiser.com/SecurityConcepts

Security Roles: https://link.kyliekiser.com/SecurityRoles

Field Level Security: https://link.kyliekiser.com/FLS

Model Driven App Security: https://link.kyliekiser.com/MDA

Environment Security: https://link.kyliekiser.com/EnvRoles

Security Groups and Licenses: https://link.kyliekiser.com/SecurityGroups

Hierarchy and Position Security: https://link.kyliekiser.com/PositionSecurity

CoE Starter Kit: https://link.kyliekiser.com/CoE

Deep Dive into Security mechanisms and performance impacts with Marco Amoedo: https://link.kyliekiser.com/Marco

DynamicsCon Best Practices for Dynamics 365 CE Security Design with Kelsey Carrier: https://link.kyliekiser.com/Kelsey

This is part of the Power Baseball League Series with Kylie Kiser (follow her on LinkedInTwitter or her Blog). You can follow the series on the Power Baseball League Series Page and the Power Baseball League YouTube Playlist as they are added.

You can find Kylie’s content at the following:

Blog: https://kyliekiser.com/



YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt7jIvOwE4mHsr1Tjk1jj3w

Photo by Frankie Lopez on Unsplash


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