About Me


I’m Malcolm McAuley. Husband to an incredible, caring, supportive woman. Father to two kind, intelligent and funny boys approaching teen-hood.

I live in a small town near Waterloo, Ontario in Canada. No, I do not live in an ingloo.

I enjoy sports, cry in movies and aspire to be far more physically active than I actually am.

I’m a social services worker by trade, but have occupied technology-centric roles for over a decade. It started by engaging on a national committee supporting a centralized database of constituents for a not-for-profit organization. Unexpectedly (well, to me at least), I was asked to take on a role to steward on-boarding and adoption to the Dynamics CRM platform for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada (an incredible organization in many countries worldwide!).

Little did I know that role would open up a new and exciting world of Microsoft business applications back when we had things like “BPOS” and “Dynamics CRM Online” was brand new (v4).

I’ve been engaged within the User Group community for a number of years. I co-led a special interest group for not-for-profits for some time, have given various presentations at conferences across North America and was even recognized as a “D365UG/CRMUG All Star” in 2018 by the D365/CRM User Group Community by Dynamic Communities – a truly awe inspiring moment given this award is voted on by members of the community itself. I was and remain honoured by this.

I’m a self-professed nerd which I see as a badge of honour. I’m interested in statistics, data and technology. Machine learning and AI fascinate me. Using information to inform decisions is a life mandate – to the point it drives my wife bonkers.

My core values are life-long learning, kindness, courage, vulnerability (this one is hard!) and curiosity.

Oh, one more thing I need to be very clear about right out of the gate – something you’ll here me reference often in my writings…

I am not here claiming to be the expert. I am sharing my thoughts and opinions on these topics. Even when I provide tutorials, I encourage you to chime in with your insights in the comments, especially if that’s to show a more efficient way of doing something. I am here to learn along with you, so please never hesitate to share your thoughts publicly, or privately to me directly.

So, there you have it. Me in a nutshell. Questions? Feel free to Contact Me